Heritage of Kings: The Settlers

Strategy 2004 Windows Noviy Disk Empire management God game or micromanagement Organized forces Real time strategy Real time Historical

One of the most immersive Settlers modern games

Heritage of Kings is just beautiful, graphically it looks amazing, gameplay wise it represents a distillation of what Settlers games have always been about, and, character wise, HoK really knows how to create a cartoony world that still looks medieval, not child like, yet with a lot of the edge taken from it. Also, the single player campaign is as immersive as any Settlers games had ever been. Each mission will teach you a new trick and then have you make use of it, thus, allowing you the time to internalize the type of interaction you will need to master over the course of more consecutive missions. Overall, what HoK does is create the perfect Settlers strategy game, enticing, with missions that vary in what they ask of you and also, with a very interesting and beautiful set of maps. If anything, later Settlers games would only have to expand what HoK achieved, because, and I'm not just spewing this lightly, HoK really mastered the Settlers recipe. So, when all is said and done, HoK is the best colonization real time strategy you'll ever play, if you love semi hard RTSes, and if you like the colonization theme. And don't worry, it's not all about building, this is a very diverse RTS game, amazingly so even. A must play for Settlers fans, RTS fans in general and any PC gamer out there, really!

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