Legion Gold

Strategy 2003 Windows 1C Company Empire management God game or micromanagement Role Playing

We march for glory!

While this might not be quite as good as the classic real time strategy game that is Rome: Total War, Legion is actually a pretty fine experience that is well worth a look if you're into historical games. This Gold edition is the best way to try it out, as it includes the original Legion plus a few extras like new units, maps and campaigns. The game is basically one of strategy and conquest, similar to other such games, and you're given control of a nation and then charged with taking on your rivals to become leader of all. There are many familiar elements here, and you'll need to gather resources, lay down buildings and amass your forces. Once you've got enough soldiers you can go to war in an attempt to capture your enemies' towns, although combat is a bit different from other titles. You can select your troops and tell them where to attack and in what formation, but you don't have any direct control over their actions, making this one for people who don't mind taking the back seat. If you think this sounds like you, then you should have a good time here. The game is certainly big and complex enough to keep you playing for some time, as there's a large number of computer opponents, each with their own personalities and strategies, and which are all pretty challenging. The range of activities is also impressive, with plenty to get your head around, while the units and the world created here are pretty authentic and full of detail. When you throw in the extras of the Gold edition, you have a nice all-round strategy package, as long as you don't mind relinquishing control for the combat.

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