Black & White

Strategy 2001 Windows Electronic Arts Empire management God game or micromanagement

I will smite thee pagan

Have you ever wanted to become a god? To watch over your benevolent realm and provide for your devotees? Or maybe you want to rain down fire and storms to punish those that do not sacrifice enough goats in your name? Well, you can do all that, and more in this Lionhead studios title. Peter Molyneux (Dungeon Keeper, Populous)is a name that pretty much guarantees quality content, and this game truly delivers that. Put aside the tempting call of godlike actions, the sheer volume and diversity, as well as appealing aesthetics of this game make for enjoyable experience. Add the God factor to everything noted before and you have a gem of a game. Story is quite simple. You are a god, who is entrusted with a small tribe. They worship you and in return you provide them with all the necessities of life. To uphold your will, and serve as your embodiment on Earth you can select one of several animals. They become your pet, and you are responsible for their well being and tutoring. If you are an evil god, so will be your pet. You can do with them pretty much whatever you want. Cuddle him, feed or starve him, beat him up, send him to wreak havoc on the neighboring village. Any action you take however, reflects on you, so you shift toward the good or the bad. As you delve deeper into one of two sides, the appearance of your pet changes. And let me tell you. Giant cow standing on two feet looking like a recent hellspawn is a sight to be seen. Anyhow, you steer your people to glory with your divine powers and the help of your pet, fight their enemies and receive worship from them. Gameplay is refreshing, and the entire concept of the game is brilliant. There is also a great replay value, if you want to make yourself a bit less satan-like next time around. It does put the player in front of some tough moral dilemmas though, but in the end it is just a game. A great game that you should try out.

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