The Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys

Simulation 2001 Windows Just Play Life simulation Nature simulation Fishing

Train and nurture your own virtual sea monkeys!

The Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys is much alike games such as Creatures or Sims, but the premise is a very different one. You are responsible for a small community of water creatures, sea monkeys, and you take them from their very beginning and see them grow. The game is a combination of God game with some strategic and economic elements, but the game never takes a too serious step towards creating a fully fledged strategy environment. Therefore, you can expect to have a nice time in the game whether you are a strategy game fanatic or not. Besides the taking care of the creatures themselves you are also responsible for their water habitat. By completing challenges you get pearls and with these you can build new areas, buildings and so on. Another interesting aspect of the game was the way the sea creatures were differentiated between one another. At the core of their diversity was a genome consisting of 51 genes. Thus, the behaviors and looks of new generations of sea monkeys was always slightly different than the last one, making the game furthermore interesting. What you might find a little lacking is the virtual economy of the game, which consists exclusively if pearl harvesting, which is not that diverse all things considered.

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