Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancients

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Text based Tales and legends

I really hate Nazis!

Not to be confused with the IJ games that were created by LucasArts, Mindscapes Indiana Jones is a text-based adventure that is greatly inspired by the movie Radiers of the Lost Arc but still has enough differences that makes the game interesting. As always, Indy is trying to find a very powerful artifact that can influence the world (Mazatec Power Key) and as always, he has to do this before the always power thirsty Nazi do. As in all text adventure games, it's played by reading the text that is presented before you and reply by inserting commands to your actions. While most players of today will find this form of gameplay uninteresting, it's actually very fun since you'll get to use your imagination and see things however you see fit. It's like reading an interactive book! There are lots of various puzzles you'll have to solve which will take up most of your time and you'll also get to enjoy in some very good writing that is the reason why this gem is as good as it is. The late eighties mark the diminishing of text-based adventures but this one still has all the beauties that will remind us what it was to play a game 25 years back.

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