The Wheel of Time

Action 1999 Windows GT Interactive Shooter Horror

A masterpiece

This game is a based on the fantasy world of best selling author Jordan and his Wheel od Time series of novels. The game is supposed to be a prequel to the series, and is absolutely fantastic. Very untypical for a first person shooter game, you don't use your standard weapons, but weapons from artifacts from the novels, each with their specific abilities and powers. The graphics and animation are of the highest quality for that time and quite breathtaking. The enemies are mostly very challenging. It oozes with that dark, mysterious and otherworldy atmoshpere that is unique to the authors world and the developers have done a splendid job of bringing that atmosphere from the books to the game. You know the game is good when you feel like there is nothing and nobody around you but the game ahead, and this game has that. Within minutes you will feel like your very soul is immersed in the game and in a blink of the eye, a whole day will have passed and the game is very long. Truly magnificent.

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