The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

RPG 2007 Windows Medieval 3D action adventure Role playing Action Fantasy

Stunning fantasy RPG

The classic fantasy RPG only got better with the release of this enhanced Director's Cut and for anyone who hasn't experienced its delights, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. The new version overhauls many of the character and monster animations, fixes a lot of bugs, but perhaps of most interest are the two new adventures. For newcomers to the series, The Witcher is set in a medieval fantasy world and follows the adventures of Geralt, a monster hunter by trade. The game is notable for its bleak outlook where morality is a luxury but where players must make tough decisions with consequences affecting later events. Gameplay-wise, The Witcher takes the form of a hack 'n' slash style adventure, where Geralt explores, fights and interacts with the various inhabitants of the land. Combat offers a few unique twists, with different fighting styles available, each with their own uses in different situations and which each must be mastered. The game's plot is intriguing and complex and shows a level of storytelling craft that has rarely been equalled, with rich characters and a wonderfully realised world. Graphically, The Witcher remains impressive, especially in this enhanced edition, with smooth animation, lots of detail and some slick effects. The decision system adds depth and whether you are a fan of the genre or just looking to play a great game, The Witcher is undeniably a superb experience that stands alongside the Elder Scrolls series as a classic fantasy RPG, while the sequel, Assassins of Kings is also a must play.

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