Land, The

RPG 1989 Dos Mike Riley Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

The land of RPG simplicity and entertainment!

The Land proves that you don't need a lot to create a beautiful game; all you need is some text some ASCII graphics and creativity. So, first things first, you'll have to craft yourself a mighty character, warrior or whatever else. This guy will have to have all the elements necessary to survive. There are classes, like the blood guard, the giant, the Ramen and more, each one with its strengths and weaknesses. If you wish to just give the game a spin, see how it feels, create a warward, which is a basic, well polished, strong enough fighter, that just gives you the possibility to get a whole lot of game with, without having to get away from danger. The game is also a lot about exploration, and as long as you travel and tackle the enemies, soon enough you'll grow, expand your array of weapons and your inventory will have all you need to face harder and harder monsters and AI combatant. Just make sure you don't expect more than just a Rogue like level set of graphics, and you'll definitely like this one. So, I guess you'll love it and return to it, but keep your graphical expectation low; low as possible!

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