Colony, The

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox Mindscape First person Science Fiction

Rescue 6 children in a futuristic RPG world

The presentation of The Colony is the most interesting element of this game. Imagine that the game was released in 87, yet it is fully 3D, with a fully rotation enable camera so you can look in any direction and in any angle. Sure, to get it all done, one quintessential element of graphics had to be scraped – tiles and meshes, so the entire game world consists only of the wireframes. But, even so, with additional graphical elements, to help you steer your way through, you can say that this is the first ever fully 3D RPG ever created. At any rate, to add mystery to the way the game is presented graphically, it is set in a futuristic world. Your goal is to locate and save a number of 6 children from a colony on this planet. Once you've accomplished this, you will need to destroy the planet, so as to prevent further exploitation and it becoming an alien safe haven. Very well produced, enticing, with good controls, and even in spite of the graphical scarcity, The Colony still manages to be atmospheric. A well worth download, without question. Also download Mines of Titan for a similar futuristic theme, but a more classic approach in world creation.

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