Strategy 2000 Windows UBI Soft Historical Empire management

One of the best RTS ever made

Theocracy is a 2000 fantasy real-time strategy game published by Ubisoft. The name of this game represents a form of government in the age of the Aztec Empire. Your main objective is to unite the civilizations from the central Mexico that are engaged in war, before the Spanish armies succeed to conquer them. The first thing that will captivate your attention and mostly, your eyes, is the sublime graphical design. So, the producers efforts and their developed artistic sense is worthy of praise. I played many real-time strategy games, but Theocracy amazed me the most from this point of view, with its abundance of details. These details are found in every aspect, from the characters apparel, to the way the buildings and the general environment look. Even the effects are extremely pleasant to watch. The people from the villages are very active, the birds and other animals wander through the forests, and you can even spot the smallest creatures. Everything in this game is alive! You can start conquering areas after you prepared your army in a complete and efficient manner. The economy is maintained in a good state with the help of slaves, they can be obtained by natural reproduction, and by capturing them from the enemy soldiers. Slaves are useful for gathering various resources. You will fight with soldiers (archers, warriors), commanders, priests and heroes. Organize properly your army to meet success and victory! The AI is brilliant, making little mistakes sometimes, but this won't annoy you. In conclusion, I recommend this game for its talent to devour your time!

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