Thunder Chopper

Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox subLOGIC Helicopter

Top notch chopper combat

This is a cracking slice of old-school helicopter combat simulation that is well worth checking out if you're into the likes of Comanche. It's obviously not as flashy as later efforts but makes up for this with a nice mix of realism and action that makes for an entertaining time. The game puts you in the cockpit of a Hughes Defender chopper and gives you the chance to practice your flight skills before putting you through a series of varied and challenging missions. You start out with some fairly simple training which gets you used to the controls and physics of the game, before moving on to the more exciting rescue and combat missions. These are a bit more involving and really test your precision and accuracy as well as your courage under fire. If you managed to get through these, there are also sea rescue and armed escort missions which mix things up a bit by introducing some new elements, such as night flying and so on. You also have access to a range of weapons to help you better take on the variety of enemies you will face, while multiple difficulty levels are also on offer. As far as retro flight sims go, this has to be one of the best. The tutorial and training are pretty comprehensive and get you into things swiftly and smoothly, while the control system is detailed but intuitive, making flying both fun and fairly realistic. The missions themselves are generally a lot of fun to play, with a great mix of styles to experience, so when you add in the well realised visuals you have all the makings of a top notch game.

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