Simulation 1986 Dos Helicopter

Shoot em up with a dragonfly!

This small DOS gem released in 86 puts you in the (see through!) skin of a dragonfly and ask you to shoot as many enemies as possible, while hovering your way around the levels. It's simple, it's well produced, and it has all the amenities that make such games stand out; playability and nice production value. Therefore, Dragonfly is really a game that is worth looking into, it has the elements that make such experiences stand out. It is a little underwhelming graphically, with dark backgrounds over which the dragonfly does its thing and the enemies roam about, usually in a few colors, the EGA type. It looks a little like it could have been made with ASCII characters, but that won't really create any issues, since for the most part the animations are so simple and delightful that you just don't care. So, if you want a simple, probably coded in a night or two game, with a cool, war mongering dragonfly, Dragonfly will surely deliver! Else, download another type of dragonfly (sic!) simulator, the Comanche helicopter sim, which really puts graphics and physics under the spell of a nice gameplay engine.

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