Thunderhawk AH-73M

Simulation 1991 Dos Core Design Helicopter

Early days helicopter sim; lots of scenarios

Thunderhawk AH-73M is a special kind of helicopter, because it was larger than most combat ones, could be used for civilian transportation or for medical speedy interventions too, but mostly because it was so useful in a large array of tactical situations. Thus, this game, set in a world in crisis envelope, makes use of this aircraft's capabilities in full. For a game of 91 it sure is not that extremely realistic graphically, but it sure showcases itself as interesting enough, and, furthermore, it puts a lot nice levels in front of you. The Merlin will be your home anywhere in the world the next mission will take you, and you'll see quite a lot of different places, which also translates to actually different missions and requirements, though most of them will require some aerial combat or some precise targeting of on the ground troops or objectives. And so, Thunderhawk AH-73M proves to be quite the nice game, quite a spectacular one, even if it can barely say that it is in full, real 3D. But if you love early 3D engines, then this one will offer you a nice surprise. Else, download Comanche: Over the Edge, which never fails to impress when nice, slightly arcadey styled gameplay is involved.

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