Birds of Prey

Simulation 1991 Dos Electronic Arts Flight Military flight

Daring flight sim for its time

It just wasn't the time for intricate 3D back in the early 90s, so this game kind of experiences that limits of technology barrier. As a flight sim it has an interesting feel in terms of the physics, but that is undermined by the poor blocky graphics that are far from realistic. Still, due to the accent on simulation that the game forwards, it is a good idea to have a joystick and throttle at the ready to not get annoyed by the keyboard controls. With the controls out of the way you might find it in you to play one or two mission until the poor graphics take their toil and leave you in a rather unsatisfied condition, unable to find the motivation to drudge on. I must give it to it though, for the time the game was pretty daring, trying not only to simulate a general physics of flight, but also to apply it to each plane individually. And given the fast speed jets the game has in store, managing that was no easy task. Still, I have to give it to you as it is: it's not a game to return to unless you've played it in the past and want to relieve that experience. For the rest of flight aficionados modern day sims are a far better deal overall.

So many aircrafts to select

52 selectable aircraft in Birds of Prey. A persistent campaign. Every aircraft had its own properties and it was only in the 1991!! Plus you had a 200 page manual with all the schematics/properties of all western and eastern military aircraft. You have the option to fly the Blackbird. Wanted to fly and land on a carrier? sure, no problem... the learning curve was a bit steep and you had to put your mind to it...

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