Harrier Jump Jet

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox MicroProse Flight Military flight

It's one hell of a flight simulation

The game is a great flight simulation which has some features that were not found in the game of those times. The first distinctive trait that this game gives you is the fact that the themes and the backgrounds in this game have been given a much realistic look in contrast to the games that were played in those times. These realistic features in the game have been achieved through the use of AV-8B and the Gouraud shading technology which has been a wonderful achievement. Though it's not up to the standards of modern games but really gives you a great flight simulation treat. The other element which is most exciting in the game is the element of diversity which it brings in the form of a good variety of weapons and the number of campaigns. You can choose different missions in which you will engage in air to air fighting and will also have to destroy different competitive targets on the ground. The flight dynamics that this game has are also very good as they give you quite a realistic feel though you do not known what realistic flight is all about. The A1 is really tough as the enemies are hard to beat. Overall its great gem for all flight simulation lovers. Gunship 2000 also has the same capacity of graphics and the diversity of elements.

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