Su-25 Stormovik

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Flight Military flight

Fully 3D air combat fighter, that puts simulation in the game!

Not to be confused with the esteemed and much more developed IL-2 Sturmovik, this game however takes the same path to aerial simulation, which is to say that it treats simulation with respect and with a desire to bring as many simulation elements in to the foreground. Quite how much simulation was packed in this beginning of the 90s title can be a very subjective thing: I mean, compared to photorealistic games, sure, it doesn't intend to leave you out of your boots, but, nonetheless, for the time and technology, it sure manages a great overall job. Furthermore, Su25 takes great care to make the game playable, more or less easily, granted that you take out your joystick, otherwise, keyboard controls only can be a drag. Now, you have to give the game it's due, but also remember that this is 1990, and so, the ground will mostly be a textured surface with just the occasional bump that simulates some altitude. But the physics of flight and the acquiring of targets (as well as bombing) are pretty neatly implemented, so, obviously, the gameplay is not going to suffer due to low polygon counts. I don't know, maybe its going to take some getting used to the old timey look and feel of the game, but it sure settles in after a while. Give it a try!

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