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See Vulcan, the ZX Spectrum orinal, in color!

The original Vulcan was produced for the ZX Spectrum, which was known for lots of things, but not for its graphical depth or capacious memory! Thus, Vulcan, the original game was an okay wargame on the home computer, was it was rather poor graphically, and so it did not really manage to create a very comfortable graphical presentation on there. However, cut to this DOS version/remake and you'll find yourself immersed in a mathematically sound wargame that can be controlled via mouse and that can enable you to play more comfortably and without as many impediments. Other than that this is a WWII confrontation of large proportions, as you'll control at the battalion level, which is nice if you're into high stakes warfare. I found the game pretty good, having that feel of mid 80s DOS creations, not too painstaking to sink into, but still quite hard to genuinely not want a bit more out of it. At any rate, for a similarly game, you should see Desert Rats, a game interested in Rommel's campaign geared against the African Korps army.

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