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Gary Grigsby Steel Panthers III without graphical advancements

Kampfgruppe appeared at a time when graphical accelerators were still nowhere to be found, in a time when a decent processor was a power hungry thing that could barely reach the potential of a first generation iPhone! Thus, it was only natural that a wargame as ambitious as the one this game struggles to offer you a lot on the graphical side. On the controls side, though, I'm a bit aggravated with it. Surely, an easier to control scheme could have been developed and implemented, and, also, a few simple ideas could have made this game a lot easier to play. One absolutely egregious thing that Kampfgruppe does, is allow you or the enemy to push an entire army inside one single hex, which means that you can be surprised by massive amounts of armed forces, at any given time. Also, let alone these bugs, the mostly black and white interface is as hard to read as they ever could get. So don't be surprised when you'll lose tens of minutes learning to read the map or learning some basic control, if you don't have a manual at the read. So, yeah, for historical reference and for diehard fans of ZX Spectrum like wargaming, this can be a great game. For the rest of us, Gary Grigsby Steel Panthers III is exactly the same beast, in terms of the Eastern Front campaign packed, though with much more palatable visuals.

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