Time Gate: Knight's Chase

Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Third Person 3D action adventure Action Rpg Fantasy

A good game to spend your time with

Time Gate: Knight's Chase is a fantasy action game released in 1996 by Infogrames, a company well-known especially for another creation, named Alone in the Dark. I have to say that the producers did a very good job with this game, and the most elaborated and glowing areas are the graphics, sounds and the general design. The storyline presents William Tibbs, the character you are playing, who is an American law student in Paris. He is in conflict with an evil dark lord named Wolfram, who kidnapped Juliette, William's fiancee. In order to save her, Tibbs must travel back in time, more exactly from year 1995 to year 1329. The place he has to go is called the Knights Templar, where cold dungeons will guide you. The gameplay is similar to Alone in the Dark, but the engine is a bit changed, presenting polygonal characters instead of pre-rendered environments. The view is from a third-person perspective, and your missions consist in solving puzzles, explore a lot, and involving in various combats. The character is controlled by the keyboard, and at first it could be difficult to do this, but you will get used to it in no time. Actually, this game allows you to develop your dexterity skills and your precision movements, more than testing your reflexes. This is a good game to spend your time with, so take it today!

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