Tiny Skweeks

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Kalisto Entertainment Reflex oriented

Cute top down puzzly action; very playable!

Tiny Skweeks, for those that don't know, is not only the name of this game here, but is also the name of a race of cartoony animals that are really interesting and very palpably... fluffy and aww inducing, even in spite of the fact that, at least in this game, they're rendered in but a few pixels, and you can't really tell that! But, at any rate, a number of these color loving creatures has gotten lost inside a number of mazes and you have to make it so that they get to the tiles that share the same colors with them. Could have been an easy stroll, had it not been for the fact that the mazes are crawl full of baddies, so you have to time your progression really well. So, it's both an action top down, maze crawl, but aslo a puzzle, or the most diminutive strategy game ever, however you want to look at it. But, nevertheless, Tiny Skweeks will keep you interested with difficulty escalating mazes for quite a while, which is all you can ask of it. Sure, a game like Lemmings has more often strategy in it than this one, but then again, sometimesa simpler recipe can be much more fun also. So, I would say, give it a go as well. It kept me interested for quite a while.

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