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Neat little puzzler

Tamper is another game which doesn't sound too appealing from its description, but which actually proves to be a neat and addictive little puzzler as long as you have someone else to play it with. The idea behind the game is that you are a stock market trader, and must watch new companies as they come along, deciding whether or not to buy stock in them, based on how much potential you think they have. The game supports between one and four players, with gameplay being turn-based and with each player deciding whether to buy or sell stock, before play passes to the next person. The overall aim of the game is to be the first player to net $100,000, and which is only achieved through making shrewd investments and decisions, and by anticipating the flow of the game. Although lacking in any obvious excitement, Tamper is something which will appeal to fans of simple-to-learn but complex-to-win games like Shanghai or Mahjong, which encourage thought and strategy in order to prove successful. Tamper certainly doesn't set out to be a realistic or authentic market trading simulator, so anyone expecting a detailed Wall Street trading game will be disappointed, but within the fairly simple mechanics, there lies a surprisingly complex puzzle/strategy experience. When played with other like-minded individuals, Tamper becomes a highly compelling game that is truly competitive and it is immensely satisfying when your investments pay off and your competitors crumble. However, avoid playing solo as there really is little fun to be had.

Fun times

We used to spend days on this game as kids. Very simple mechanics, but with four players each having three 'tampers', you can get some very entertaining twists. Recommended if you can get the players together for it. Three or four is best, two isn't as fun, and single player... Well... I hope you're never that bored. This game is a purely turn based game with no time limits beyond what you set on each other.

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