Sink or Swim

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Zeppelin Games Reflex oriented

Puzzler platformer with nice, cartoony graphics

Sink or Swim is a nice platformer with a central puzzle mechanic that drives it. You are a rescuer tasked with finding the right combination of switch flicking and with planting bombs exactly at the right spot, in a collection of submarine levels, so that the team inside will be able to exit. Fail to find the right combination and you will trap the little men forever. Thus, the game feels like a take on Lemmings with a hint of Lost Vikings. The game plays right to left platformer style, and it has clean 2D graphics and characters that fit nicely with the style of the backgrounds. The puzzles become increasingly harder to tackle later in the game, and thus, you will have a harder time completing them, but they never get to feel too obtuse. Yes, when the levels are bigger, it might be harder for you to organize your lever moves or bomb placement, but until then you will played quite a bit and will not feel overwhelmed. Therefore, for those that love puzzle filled platformers, Sink or Swim is a definitive game to try, fun, lighthearted and challenging but fair.

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