Titans of Steel

Strategy 2003 Windows Just Play Organized forces Science Fiction

Tactical heavy wargame with robots

The esthetic of this wargame is a more lush 16 bit one, that takes very little to connect with you, especially if you had love for the true 16 bit era titles, especially the ones delivered for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. However, while the game looks cute and doesn't seem to be the home of anything too dramatic, in terms of strategy, once you've tried it you will see the amount of depth of play that has gone into it. That is so because Titans of Steel is a game that focuses on very large Mechs, very capable, doing battle in urban areas. While very powerful, they still need to collaborate in order to fully take advantage of the playing field, and that will take quite a bit of getting used to, from your part. Yes, this game has to be treated like a turn based tactics game, though at times, you might be thinking of looking at it more in terms of it being an action game. A great advantage to its playability is offered by the fact that Titans of Steel has very well produced graphics, and, especially the interface is so simple and elegant that you'll learn how to use it in no time. Other than that, the game allows you to build your own types of robots, from scratch which s certainly a big plus for this title. So, have it around and additionally, download SpaceHulk-SP for a mechanoid wielding game set in the Warhammer Universe.

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