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The original Darwinia was an immensely clever and rewarding strategy experience which was both satisfying and strangely relaxing. Multiwinia is a followup which is similar in concept but which adds in multiplayer and a few other bits and bobs to create an equally enjoyable experience. The game builds on the original;s concept of a digital world which was inhabited by once-peaceful creatures that eventually split into warring tribes who fought over limited resources. What you have here is basically a multi-player version of the original which offers you a variety of game modes to take on other players in a series of real time strategy confrontations that feature hilariously madcap action. These modes include challenges like trying to complete certain tasks faster than your opponent, or engaging in stick-man slaughter, alongside classics like king of the hill and capture the statue. Powerups drop from the sky at random to add in some more unpredictability, while the whole thing is told via some gloriously old-school visuals. If it weren't for one rather significant issue, then Multiwinia would be an almost must play. The gameplay is clever, fast-paced and hugely enjoyable, thanks partly to the sense of humor which is on display here. The game modes are varied and give you plenty to sink your teeth into, offering plenty of opportunities for strategy and tactics. The visuals are simple but charming, with a lot of personality, but the major issue here is that as it an old game, it's almost impossible to find a game, which makes this a questionable purchase.

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