Payback Time 2

Strategy 2003 Windows Niko Nevatie and Kari Luojus Organized forces Science Fiction Role Playing

Tactic squad based game

Payback Time 2 is the kind of game that tackles the entire spectrum of special ops management and actual squad based tactics, from the setting up of a team, getting them properly equipped to the onsite turn based action. The game feels much like X-COM, though it lacks some of that series' luster and feel. But, for what it's worth, the game offers a solid simulation, in its kind of environment and with its own strengths. Each turn is defined by the classical parameters: number of moves allowed, health, reaction (which establishes who is first to get the start of the turn) and a few others that depend on the individual member of the team, though localized damage can and will decrease certain aspects, such as precision of shooting, number of steps to be available, etc. The game however lacks an overarching campaign, with the economic, managerial and other such effects, but its straightforwardness can prove to be quite interesting for some. But the tactical bits are pretty well designed and manage to offer quite tight and engaging skirmishes. Play it if you're a tactics fanatic, with an interest in close quarters squad based encounters.

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