TOCA Race Driver

Racing 2002 Windows Codemasters Driving Gran Turismo

If you want a crazy racing experience

TOCA Race Driver is a 2002 racing game that satisfies the players need to live the experience that sums up the man-car relationship. Codemasters have made their own big name in the simulators world, especially with their one of the best rally game series: Colin McRae Rally. For those that want a more wonderful, realistic, captivating racing adventure, they should try out the sequel, but in no way this first game can be missed by the true fans of the genre! I say this especially because the car races won't cease being an attraction for those that have always dreamt of riding high horsepower vehicles! You will control stunningly designed sports cars which have the capacity to reach impressively high speeds. Among the impressively realistic aspects are included the graphics and the circuits with a very wide perspective on track. The sounds are incredibly faithful to the general gameplay and atmosphere, using the latest surround technology. Your rivals are furious and eager to take you down! Live the great adrenaline and play it!

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