Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Action 2006 Windows Ubisoft Military First Person

The future is now

Although on the surface, this looks like another standard military shooter, like Call of Duty or Battlefield, in reality it's actually a worthy and entertaining actioner that is more than deserving of a closer look by genre fans. It went a little unnoticed but thanks to its combination of impressive visuals, slick setpieces and heart-pounding action, it provides just about everything you could want in such a game. The game takes place in the near future, with you in control of Captain Mitchell, the leader of an elite military squad that is sent in to Mexico to deal with a rebel threat. What follows is a hi-tech take on the first-person shooter genre that also brings in a few tactical elements to give things a little more depth than is usual. You've got access to a wide arsenal of fancy weapons and gear while you can also give orders to your team mates so that they have specific objectives to take care of on the battlefield. You can gear each member up before a mission but you need to consider things like weight as this affects how they perform in the field. GRAW really is a top notch experience. The essential shooter elements are all in place and executed well with several genuinely tense and exciting missions to complete and which are pretty challenging. The range of weapons and gear is nice too and it's fun to try out different guns in different situations to find your favorites. The tactical elements are a welcome inclusion and really do elevate this over more standard shooters so if you are looking for something with some meat, this makes for a great choice.

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