Ghost Recon

Action 2001 Windows Red Storm Entertainment Military Shooter Third person shooter Modern

Sniper at ten'o'clock sarge

Ubisoft have really hit a sweet spot with realistic combat simulation games. The list of their bestsellers goes on and on, it's enough to mention Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell and you will know what i'm talking about. This time around they treat us to yet another well made game from that branch, Ghost Recon. In this title, you assume the role of a C.O in a commando team known as the Ghosts. Team is specialized in advanced reconnaissance and fighting behind enemy lines. Story is set in eastern Europe, where Russian extremists want to reconquer former Soviet republics. Through 15 single player missions you will be tasked to prevent that and drive the bad guys back to where they came from. To accomplish this, you are given a wide array of weaponry and equipment. For each mission you can choose six team members including you, divided into three squads. Even though the game has some issues with team management, the realistic combats and jaw dropping graphics more than make up for it. While you fight your way through enemy lines, you will have to use carefully thought of tactics and devise different fight plans, as the game can be quite challenging. The AI is very good, and enemies will waste no time to blow you to kingdom come if you make a wrong move. To add a bit of spice, a single well placed shot will down you, or any of your team members for good. Stealth is your friend in this game, and blowing your cover in the wrong time will most assuredly mean a loading screen. Sound and music are very good, and blend with the gameplay nicely. Overall, a rewarding experience if you like shooters. Give it a go.

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