Battlefield 2

Action 2005 Windows Electronic Arts War Military FPS

Solid military shooter

While most gamers' attention will be focused on the recent release of Battlefield 4, it certainly makes for an interesting diversion to take a step back in time and visit this early game in the series. To be honest, little has changed with recent additions to the franchise, with games simply getting bigger, bolder and even more explosive and Battlefield 2 displays most of the options which make them popular. Although this sequel includes a fairly mundane single-player campaign (something which forever plagues the series), the main focus is the multi-player game, where teams of hardened soldiers do battle with some serious weaponry and of course, vehicles. It is this aspect which has always marked out Battlefield from rivals like Call of Duty, and even here it really adds to the fun, making deathmatches chaotic and supremely over-the-top (something else which the series is known for). Maps are interesting, with a good variety of environment types and which are represented well visually and in terms of gameplay, while weapons are as satisfying as ever to use. The real drawback to Battlefield 2, besides the lacklustre single player campaign, is the lack of multiplayer options, with only a couple of modes available. If you can get over this, and can find other people to play against, then you will find a solid, military-themed shooter, which compares favourably to Medal of Honor or Brothers in Arms.

Battleboringfield 2

Oh? Oh! You like Battlefield 2? You mean that multiplayer game in which the sole objective is to capture flags with 5 classes, several toys and vehicles?Well... Unreal Tournament had Deathmatch (Team), Capture the Flag, Control points and the the all time favourite, Assault! (year 2000!)5 years later we have... Battlefield 2! In which, the objective is to... solely control flag points, use several toys and vehicles, with said 5 classes...The game has no debt, it's poor in every way. Oh it's fun the first time, while you get to explore all the techniques, the hilarious house cleaning and use all the vehicles. But that's only the war match. The sole objective is to control flag points. Does it have any other objective? No.It's dull and gets more repetitive faster than you'd think. If you like the genre, good for you, but if you're a player looking for a game with depth and new gameplay every time, please, "Enemy Territory" (the first one, I don't really enjoy the sequel) is the bomb in that, much older and above all, completely Free. Thank you Id Software!You also have one of the best first person shooters with strategy in the mix I've ever played, which is called "Natural Selection" from Unknown Worlds.But this game, is poorly called a game, it's more like a giant sandbox where you get to shoot people that shoot back. That and all the annoying players that know nothing about teamwork.

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