Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

Action 2002 Windows Aspyr Media First Person Strategic scope Shooter action

Solid but dated expansion pack

Ubisoft's long running Ghost Recon series, developed in combination with famous author Tom Clancy, has provided gamers with plenty of thrilling sci-fi tinged military action over the years. Desert Siege is an expansion pack for the original Ghost Recon and provides further tactical, first-person shooting missions as well as a few new extras. The story displays the series' usual fascination with hi-tech warfare in extreme conditions and is set against a backdrop of an Ethiopian invasion of neighbouring Eritrea. As the leader of the elite Ghosts, you have been called in to keep trade routes open but things are quickly complicated by the appearance of a new enemy. The basic gameplay remains the same as the original game, with players taking control of a group of specialists, such as snipers, support and demolitions experts and engaging in a series of third-person missions through various environments. There are eight all-new missions included here while players also gain access to nine new weapons, including the M-60 machine gun and the M98 sniper rifle. A handful of extra multi-player modes are also thrown in for good measure, including a couple of team-based ones, but that's about it really. If you're a die-hard Ghost Recon fan, this is a solid enough expansion pack which offers a decent amount of content and should provide you with some entertaining action for a few hours. The gameplay is entertaining and challenging, with some depth to the shooting but it is showing its age somewhat so if you haven't played the original, this is easily skipped.

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