Rainbow Six: Lockdown

Action 2005 Windows Ubisoft Shooter 3D action adventure Espionage Fps Shooter action

Take 'em down!

The Rainbow Six franchise has long offered shooter fans a nice mix of action and strategy, with its greater emphasis on tactics than other military shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Lockdown is another fine entry in the series although purists might find the realism a bit lacking here. However, there's no denying that it's still a fine experience that is well worth picking up. The story finds you in charge of an elite military unit tasked with tracking down a terrorist cell and your adventures will take you around the world from Paris to South Africa. In many respects this is a standard console-style shooter where you complete a series of missions by taking out the bad guys but this also adds in Hidden & Dangerous-style squad elements where you get to issue commands to your team mates and which brings some much appreciated depth and variety to proceedings. There's still a greater focus on action here though so don't go in expecting a really deep tactical shooter, something which might prove disappointing for some players. Indeed, it's this tactical aspect which makes Lockdown feel not quite as good as it should have been as it's been added in a way that feels a little rushed or poorly thought out. However, there's still much to enjoy here, with some intense missions that really get you in the mood and which are atmospheric and exciting. The visuals are pretty lush, with some well detailed and varied environments that bring home the globetrotting nature of your mission and overall, this makes for a solid shooting experience.

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