Peter Jackson's King Kong

Action 2005 Windows Buka Entertainment First Person 3D action adventure Adventure

A game based off movie

Peter Jackson's King Kong is an epic game, much like the modern day movie. The game is very true to the 2005 film, and features all the same characters. The game has been ported to that many consoles including the PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, just to name a few; even the Nintendo Gameboy Advance has it's own port of this game. Essentially the game and film share the same plot. Starting the game off with the crew getting shipwrecked on "Skull Island" you play with a first person view of "Jack Driscoll" played as Adrien Brody in the film. You follow around the eccentric film maker Carl Denham (Jack Black) who humorously insists on continuing with the production of the film. You start to come across ancient dinosaurs that want to attack you and other oversize jungle creatures. As you approach closer to King Kong, you hear his chilling screams, which really creates at atmosphere of supspense within the game. You also switch characters and play as King Kong from a 3rd person perspective, which is a bit of a twist in the game. The graphics and audio are amazing and really leave you feeling like you are exploring a forgotten land; in an era set in the 1930's. The main disappointment is the short game length and storyline. For a game that was based on a movie that ran for three hours, you would expect it to be a bit longer, but sadly the game can be played in only five or six hours. Still a visually impressive game and an epic like the movie, that is constantly throwing you into action. Why not make a King Kong weekend and watch the original 1930's film, the 2005 film and finish the game all in one weekend? After that maybe even play some Donkey Kong.

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