Project IGI

Action First Person 3D action adventure

A modern war FPS worth playing

When first person shooter, or other games don't manage to move that many units, their only chance at survival is to develop a small but devoted group of players amongst them, that may eventually, if enough time passes, raise them to cult classic levels of appreciation. I'd say that Project IGI manages neither, but the truth is it managed to be part of another type of niche, namely, that of singleplayer game present in a lot of East European cafes. That is why, some will remember it more or less fondly, while others might just remember it (not that fondly) as that game they played because they didn't yet have a personal computer. At any rate, I'd argue it's almost (see how almost is the keyword for this game, hehe!) a must play if you loved (but already played and are bored with) Red Faction, Half Life 1 and 2, and other shooters (maybe the original Far Cry as well) of the 2003, 2006 period. I sure can play it without issues, and it is by no means a bad game, it's just a well delivered so so game. Which is exactly which one might crave at times!

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