Tomb Raider II - Gold: The Golden Mask

Action 1998 Windows Eidos Oriental Third Person Adventure

Tomb Raider's Golden Mask

Which self-respected gamer didn't heard about the legendary Lara Croft? Well, in Tomb Raider 2 The Golden Mask, she is the heroine who will guide the gamer through a dangerous and exciting adventure. This edition, The Golden Mask, contains 5 more bonus levels and the story is different than the other games. In this one, Lara sees a photo with a whale hunter who holds a golden mask in his hands. The legend says that the mask can reanimate its owner, so Lara is on her way to get it. The main forte point is the auto target system that helps the gamer a lot. But the low number of bullets might be a problem in some critical moments of the game, in my opinion. Anyway, you have a few weapons to play with: pistols, shotgun, uzzi, harpoon gun, assault riffle and grenade launcher. Beside that, you can drive a boat in Venice and a snowmobile in Tibet. Sometimes, Lara is overpowered, meaning that she has to pull huge boxes to solve some in-game puzzles. But you know, it's Lara Croft, one of the hottest chicks in videogames! Beside weapons, you can pick up items like bullets, medkits, flares and other helpful items. Lara fight against sharks, wolves, eagles, rats but humans too. She's not the only one who wants the mask. Levels are huge and wonderful designed so if you like to explore, this is the recommended game. Beside, you have to break windows, find switches, keys, hidden pick-ups and secrets. And yeah, you have to swim a lot! The character control is simple and the camera adapts to the position of Lara, so in that way, it's an easy-to-play game. You can also play in the Croft Mansion where Lara has a treasure room. The sound depends on the situation. When the enemies approach, the music will become a bit more aggressive, like it's rising up your adrenaline and make you feel that something is coming. Even though today we have advanced and HD quality graphics, the graphics of this game are quite good and stands out even today. The feel of adventure fills you and when you start to play, it's like you wanna finish it to see what other challenges await you, before you shut down the PC. So, if you call yourself a gamer, this game should be in your Oldies but goldies collection, even if it was released in 1999.

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