Mystery Master: Felony!

Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox BrainBank Puzzle based Strategic scope

The game is afoot!

This is the second game in a sadly short-lived series of intriguing mystery adventures that improves vastly on its predecessor to create a solid and enjoyable bit of crime solving fun. This one expands on the groundwork established by Murder by the Dozen, and includes a fairly comprehensive set of mysteries to solve and which should keep even hardened Clue fans guessing right to the end. As the titular Mystery Master, it's up to you to help the police solve twelve baffling crimes which are as convoluted as they are fascinating. Once you've picked your case, there's some extensive background material to read, which will introduce you to the victim, the suspects and any of relevant information and then it's time to move on to the case itself. Here, you get to interrogate suspects, search for clues and then analyze them using police resources, with the overall goal being to find the culprit within the time limit. Each case requires plenty of focus and attention as they can be pretty convoluted and anyone expecting an easy time will be sorely disappointed. However, this is where the game really scores as it rewards those who concentrate, with the answers all being there in the clues, it just takes a master detective to tease the truth out. If criticisms are to be made, there is a lot of reading to be done here, which can get a trifle dull, but on the whole this is decent stuff. The cases are varied and involving and provide plenty of head scratching moments, so if you do fancy yourself as a modern day Sherlock Holmes, then check this out. Just make sure you get the manual too!

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