Total Eclipse

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Major Developments Mystery Puzzle based

Action and adventure built on the Freescape 3D engine

Total Eclipse is an action adventure game built on the Freescape 3D engine, one of the first truly, fully 3D gaming engines. Even if very limited, the game still manages to create a cool looking, highly interactive Egyptian themed game world. Thus, the game starts with a typical story line – something massive is about to happen, as Ra, one of the Egyptian gods (God of Sun) has cursed the people. If it so happen that his tomb will no longer be lighted by the sun, he will destroy the entire of humanity. With such a curse upon them, the humans don't have much choice but to send a couple of explorers into Ra's tomb and see how they can avoid the catastrophe. And from there on, it's a first person action with puzzle after puzzle, with lots of traps to avoid, and also, with portion of shooting. Yes, you're a sort of Indiana Jones, but a much more action oriented one, rather than a lenient adventure one. So, for a Freescape game I'd say it's more diverse than many others, with lots of interactivity and lots of puzzles. Give it a try and download The Dark Side too, if early 3D games with puzzles and action are to your liking.

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