RPG 1993 Dos JV Enterprises Dungeons and Dragons

Let's go dungeon crawling!

The first in a pair of little known fantasy RPGs, the other being Plight of the Stargazer, this is an enjoyable romp which reminds one of Eye of the Beholder. It's not quite as complex of deep as this classic but for a bit of light dungeon crawling and monster slaying, you could do worse. The background and narrative and strongly written and engaging, with the player thrust into a fantasy world in the guise of a bold adventurer. After your ship is almost wrecked, you find refuge in the Land of Towers, only to discover from the townspeople that their Lord has vanished inside his own tower and they are getting understandably concerned. Along with your fellow adventurers, you decide to head inside and track him down, hoping for a fat reward but wouldn't you know, the tower is filled with monsters, traps and all sorts of other surprises. You have a selection of four characters to choose from, each with their own unique skills, while there are also spells to learn and numerous items to find which will help you in your quest. In many ways, this is a fairly traditional dungeon crawler that doesn't offer a whole lot that is new to the genre. If you've played Might and Magic or Black Crypt then you'll know what to expect but that doesn't make it any the less enjoyable. There is a certain lack of depth but the game makes up for this with its intense and exciting combat and the genuine sense of thrill that comes from exploring. The visuals are fairly standard for this kind of thing, being covered in shadows and darkness but this creates a nice sense of atmosphere, thus making this well worth seeking out.

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