Black Crypt

RPG 1992 Windows Electronic Arts Dungeons and Dragons

Definitely a gem of the RPG franchise

Black Crypt is a fantastic example of a violent and thrilling RPG game of the nineties. A lot of violence, a lot of blood and a lot of action to soothe your bloodthirst, for sure. This game is the first made by Raven Software, who will soon continue with great classics, like Hexen, Heretic and Quake 4. The game is played by controlling 4 heroes, each of a certain pre-determined class and abilities, and guide them through dungeons on a bloody path to destroying the arch enemy, Estoroth Paingiver. The game's plot is not very original, but the gameplay is very addictive and full of action. The interface is simple, yet effective. I really have to comment the graphics, since, while having much to desire, are still very advanced and very detailed. You wont' find blocky enemies and vague images here, which really makes the game all the better. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the sound quality, but hopefully you can play something else in the background to fill the silence. Even when add all the disadvantages (there are not much, fortunately), we get a great RPG game that will thrill fantasy lovers with a taste for blood. Truly, great work!

We have a winner!

First i played Dungeon Master , then Eye of the Beholder I and II. As good as they were , and believe me - they still are , they stand in the shadow of Black Crypt. It wasn't first , it wasn't groundbreaking , but it surtainly was perfection in real-time rpg of the 90's. It takes , copies , borrows and steals the best parts and features of all the other games in the same genre . The game controls and mechanics are a little different than the others , but you'll learn it in 3 minutes flat. Brilliant sound effects , lovely graphics and colours , of the time. The plot is basic , storyline funny and the puzzles and fights range from very easy to MEGA hard. Ladies and gentlemen , WE HAVE A WINNER !

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