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Ragnarok under any other name...!

If some of the early Ultima games and a top down rogue like would have met in the wild, liked eachother and well, proceeded to leave a sibling behind, then, maybe, a game such as Valhalla would have come to be. Well, in truth, this game was produced the regular way games were produced, by, you know, a game design and production studio, but after all was said and done, Valhalla was a mighty powerful and very detailed role player that paid its respects to a whole genre of oldschool games, without, however, it being a retro game. As I said, it is a rogue like, and while it could have been rogue like in some many other ways, it was rogue like in the only way that mattered, which is, of course, the production of a game world that is new and different every time you fire up the game. So, yeah, play it if you love the kind of unexpected worlds that only random engines can produce, and don't worry, this game will surely satisfy even the most demanding gamers out there. It's really the ultimate 2D roguelike of the early 90s, rivaled only by the Ultima games. But while Ultima games were played once and forgotten, this one could be played over and over again.

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