Dragonlance 3: Dark Queen of Krynn

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox SSI Turn based Dungeons and Dragons

Let's go dungeoneering!

As the name suggests, this is the third in a Dungeons & Dragons-based series that offers some pretty cool old-school RPG fun. While this is perhaps not quite as good as Death Knights of Krynn, the second game in the series, it's slightly better than the original Champions of Krynn, but however you look at it, this is a nice little franchise. This one does continue the story laid down in the earlier installments so if you haven't played those ones, you might miss out in terms of plot, but if you're not bothered by such things, you could just start here. Like the other games, this one uses the standard Gold Box engine but features a couple of changes, while the story revolving around the titular queen's efforts to bring chaos to Krynn and with your party attempting to stop this. Gameplay-wise this is familiar stuff, with the usual extensive character creation options (although you can also import your own from the previous game), and a mix of topdown combat and first person exploration of towns. This is another pretty solid entry into a decent series. If you have played the first two, you kind of need to play this one to see how it all ends, and it does so in a satisfying and enjoyable fashion. There's perhaps little that's really different from other such games, but the sheer fact that this is the last part of a trilogy means it will appeal to many. The visuals aren't spectacular but do the job well enough, while the usual variety of options add plenty of depth and interest to proceedings, making this an above average old-school RPG.

Alright RPG, Golden Box style plus topdown

I didn't really get much about the story told in this game, but from what I could tell it's rather on the classic side, the setting is a medieval fantasy one, and there are dragons and mages, with you in the middle, of course, the savior of the world. So, yeah, not much originality on the front,. But gameplay and mechanics wise this is an interesting game, and it is interesting for a number of reasons. The game is split in a top down portion and another portion that sees you getting the game in first person wise. This is great because it allows you a lot of different play styles, alternatively, never getting bored with any of them However, fighting is done top down, while exploration is mainly done in first person (Golden Box slides wise). Overall, a technically alright game, maybe best consumed by those that have already had their share of the older Dragonlance games; Me? I just hadn't enough of a background to sink into the story, unfortunately, and the medias res setup wasn't that revealing for me.

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