RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Tom Proudfoot Games Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

Crude RPG, with parties of up to 8 NPCs

Nahlakh is not too original a RPG, hoever, it is interesting from a few other standpoints. While most role playing games of the 80s era could barely sustain gameplay with 4 party members, this one has no problems in offering you 7 party members. Sure, technically that is no longer such a feat, given that the game was released in 95, and technology had advanced tremendously, but nonetheless, this will not go unnoticed, especially if you love party based combat, also against numerous combatants. Also classic is the combat system, which takes place in turn. It is heavily based on rock paper, scissors systems, so make sure you have about 2 tanks, 2 mellee fighters and a combination of mages and long ranged fighters in the back. Sure, some other builds can be used, but you can use this as a starting point for your party. Almost overkills, the number of items of magic in this game is above 14.000 while other non magical items also abound. So, yes, this is quite a meaty game, a bit harsh on beginners, but for advanced ones it's one that will offer days of enjoyment. I can only recommend you download a game such as The Elder Scrolls Morrowind which is meatier in terms of lands, though in terms of items and party fights Nahlakh is surely unbeaten!

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