Hotel Markets

Simulation 2002 Windows MK Games Business Building

Financial/economic board game heart; 3D clothes!

While at its core Hotel Markets is an economic game, it also has a construction of board game, while also, trying to push a 3D perspective out there; therefore, it is the kind of game that you will have an easier time playing, in terms of looks. The graphical elements are immediately recognizable. It's also a pretty well done, also diverse at this level. But, however much it tried to be a more palatable economic game, it ultimately shoots itself in the foot by not offering you at least some of a few classic visualizations; it's, if you will, an economic game that tries too much to disguise itself. Thus, it impedes playability, which is just frustrating, and won't really let you have a good time, at least after you've learned the basics. But, for those that don't worry taking a few decisions out of a gut feeling rather than by careful calculations, Hotel Markets might as well be a game for them. But not a competent one. A better download is Monopoly Tycoon, easy to play, 3D, but a game that doesn't hide its economical core.

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