Traitor's Gate

Adventure 2000 Windows Dreamcatcher Interactive First person Puzzle based Mystery

Crown Jewels thief simulator!

In Traitor's Gate your main mission is to infiltrate the Tower of London and steal the crown jewels, and then, replace them with some lookalikes, while exiting undetected! Piece of cake right?! Well, the game plays like a point and click in the sweet Myst style, which means that your surroundings will be available for preview at all times, while your movement will be limited to the predrawn/prerendered 3D slide vistas. In terms of actual gameplay, this game resembles quite closely the game Safecracker, (both games were developed by Daydream Entertainment) and mostly will offer you challenges based on overcoming the different kinds of traps, locks and safes that stand between you and the jewels you are trying to steal. Also, the game allows you to take a virtual tour of the Tower of London, as the game is pretty closely modeled after the real world tower. In terms of quality of the visuals there is nothing to reproach this one. It looks great, it is sharp, detailed and also, design wise, very well put together. What might prove a bit annoying is the fact that most puzzles are, like I said, based on safecracking and other similar activities, and, also, these puzzles do escalate, at times, to insane levels of difficulty, so, I advise you to have a walkthrough at the ready just in case, so you don't lose your patience with it.

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