Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Spellbound

Adventure 1999 Windows Knowledge Adventure First person Puzzle based

Dull TV tie-in

The first in a short series of games based on the one-time popular TV show aimed at younger audiences with a magic fetish, this is a somewhat poor game, even when considering who it's aimed at. It tasks players with becoming a witch and which is achieved by completing a set of tasks which, if done successfully, rewards them with their witch's licence. This involves completing a set of seven spells and which translates into a sort of basic adventure where you explore a house, searching for the various ingredients which are required to turn Sabrina back into human form, after having been tricked into transforming herself into a pumpkin. It's all pretty simple stuff and to be honest, even die-fans of the show are likely to find themselves running out of interest pretty quickly. The game's main problem is that it is incredibly easy and even complete gaming newcomers are unlikely to find themselves challenged or stimulated by what transpires here. This wouldn't be so bad if the gameplay was all that enjoyable, but again it's very basic stuff with a bit of exploration and little else to keep your interest. There's no real incentive to play the game once you have finished it, as nothing is unlocked and there are no more secrets to discover. On the plus side, the visuals do a decent enough job of recreating the show's peculiar charms, with some reasonably well designed and animated characters and environments. Beyond this though, there's little to hold your interest and fans should probably check out the sequel, Brat Attack, rather than this.

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