Death Gate

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Legend Entertainment First person Role playing Puzzle Fantasy

The jewel of fantasy

This game is a treat for all fantasy lovers. This gem is a legend among fantasy games and with a reason. Based loosely on Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickmans fantasy book series The Death Gate Cycle, this 1994 adventure game tries to tell the tale from the books by taking the role of Haplo, the main character of the game. Just as MystGameplay is point and click style, which was very popular at the time, meaning that you interact use the game by clicking on object, people and places to interact with them. Mostly you have to solve various complicated puzzles which can be from typical box puzzles to mind dazzling sound puzzles. The visuals of the game are absolutely stunning. Everything is incorporated in the game so nicely and is very realistic, giving you that feeling as if you were actually there. The story line is also complex but very interesting and that also gives you the initiative to continue playing, always waiting for something new to happen. The sound is also fantastic, with an epic soundtrack that plays in the background and fantastic voice acting. It is not a wonder why people all over the world play this game almost two decades after it was officially released. It is a must for fantasy enthusiasts and adventurist and by not playing it you would miss out from a wonderful, adventurous experience.

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