Dino Island

Simulation 2002 Windows Infogrames Trade or management Nature simulation

Build the dream home for your dinos!

Here's a cool builder/tycoon game; scientists have managed to bring dinosaurs back to life, and, so, while the initial awe has past, now people need more to be interested in seeing them around and thus, generating any buzz and revenue. Thus, your role as a zoo keeper, tycoon master, is to create the best zoo park that will both offer great dinosaur attractions as well as great other things for the visitors to delight themselves into. So, yeah, with Dino Island you can both build as well as manage: the game offers you an alright set of tools that can be used to manage and produce the attractions as well as the dinosaur spaces that are required. Yep, it's like a dino tycoon/park, and it sure offers enough variety to keep you playing for a long time. Especially of you love dinos, and if you're not too fussy about graphics, that is, because, most of the time, the game is just a little too much on the micromanagement side of things, as expected, though not without merit. Alternatively see Zoo Tycoon for a more balanced roaster of animals!

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