Journey - The Quest Begins

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Infocom Graphical IF

Choose your own fantasy adventure path!

Journey - The Quest Begins is a really sprawling adventure game, sharing the same mechanic of offering you, the player, agency as the olden choose your own adventure books managed, by packing a large number of paths and points of intersection in the game. In terms of delivery the game is both a graphical adventure as well as text based journey. You will enter a world where you and your party will be facing grave dangers, from dragons to the puny but sometimes many humans. As such, the game is hardly something to scoff at, it is a hard one, a combination of RPG action and actual parser based adventuring. In ways it's a great take on actual Dungeons and Dragons gameplay, digitized but still sharing so much with the original fact sheet games. Anyway, expect it to be sprinkled with lots of scenarios and lots of intermediate options for the story, and be prepared to read a lot! This one takes narrative endeavors to heart, puts them front and center. If you like it, also consider the King's Quest series, for its similar epic adventure done well qualities.

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