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Treasure hunt as interactive fiction; you`re Poseidon!

How would you like to embody none other than the mighty Poseidon, god of all the seas, in a quest to find the Helmet of Hades? Sounds enticing? Well, then make sure you check this game out. As far as interactive fiction is concerned, a lot of different genres and a lot of different stories have been told in the format. However, it was not as easy to find a game that would allow you to be a God, so, there, you now have that option too! Granted, that entire superhuman side of you has got to be played down in here, otherwise some of the puzzles and choices wouldn't have been as meaningful; but, then again, you'll travel to Hades' realm, and if you are cunning enough, retrieve that head gear that you so much want. For those that love Greek mythology you can be sure that this game will also have the setting and the characters of that universe to deal with, namely Charon and Death (Hades) which will further make this game seem even more interesting. So, yeah, have a go at it, it will not disappoint. And, also, download something like Crack of Doom if you'd like exploring the abyss in another setting.

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