Codename - Iceman

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Graphical IF Action Espionage

Sierra stapled adventure game; again, oil is at the center

In the late 80s, a big craze was beginning to surface; as the prices of crude oil and the related products began to raise, the world slowly realized that it was a resource that would not be regenerating, and thus, Codename – Iceman builds a story of an oil shortage around that. So, overall, Codename – Iceman is a cool puzzler game, and a great game to tell a story. The USA and the Soviet nations are where the game will take you, and you'll be both an adventuring action hero but also a secret agent while and much more. An intriguing story, lots of puzzles, great cartoon graphics and a really twisted scenario, is what Codename – Iceman offer. It's never as accurate as Police Quest was, in terms of procedures and believability, but it sure is well produced and it has a really interesting beauty to it. So, overall, Codename – Iceman is sure worth it, giving you lots of fun and keeping you well entertained for hours. So, have a go at it, it sure is a worthy game, one of the best of its kind.

90's adventure and simulation game

Codenam is basically a spy flick and an adventure game which gives you a great combination of submarine simulation, Political intrigue and a romance element. You will play a navy officer who has been assigned a secret task of taking submarine towards Tunisia for rescuing U.S ambassador. The adventure element involved in the game is not tough if you go on to read thee manual diligently. The dice game that you will have to play with a crewman to get your desired item is quite long and frustrating. Apart from that, the rest of the scenarios are good enough. The submarine simulator in the game is fully functional and the game involves some very good realistic elements. The AI is also good but the option of saving does not works effectively. The graphics of this game are far from being average and the developer has seemed to put in a lot of mind. The controls have also been managed well and the romance element is quite attracting. It's an overall well drafted simulator game which supports some interesting spy scenarios and good plot and is recommendation for all.

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