Trek Trivia

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It's life Jim...

Now this is a game with a very focused range of appeal. If you are not a fan of the original Star Trek series (or at least, you know a lot about it) then you might as well stop reading right now, as there is absolutely nothing to interest you here. If however, you are still reading, then this should turn out to be a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, especially if you can find a fellow Trekkie to join you. In similar fashion to other trivia games like Star Trek TNG, this one tests the player's knowledge of all thing related to the original pioneering series. There's an extensive range of questions here which cover pretty much every aspect of the show that you could hope for, from characters, to quotes to technical data and aliens. In a bid to up the competitive ante, the player is given twenty credits (lives in any other game) and you lose one for every question you get wrong, but if you manage to get a streak of ten in a row, then you can earn an extra one. Lose all your credits and it's game over. For anyone who loves the show and knows their Tribbles, this is an absolute treat. While it's enjoyable enough to play by yourself, it becomes a little more interesting when played with another fan, as this way you can compete for bragging rights over who is the biggest nerd, sorry fanboy, sorry, Star Trek enthusiast. There are only one hundred questions though, each with four potential answers, so it doesn't take too long before you run out of them, but while it lasts, this is fun stuff.

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